The Yukon Diffuser. - FREE SHIPPING

The Yukon Diffuser. - FREE SHIPPING

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This is our flagship product, the Yukon Diffuser.

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These diffusers are hand-built right here in the USA.


Why do you use screws instead of glue or nails?

The reason why we use screws is simple: the diffusers last a lifetime when using screws. Other diffusers that use wood glue or nails tend to have blocks fall off within 1-2 years, and it is much easier to accidentally "bump" your blocks off. Not to mention, blocks of these inferior diffusers will often rattle themselves out of place and onto your floor.


Where Form Meets Function:

The Mosaic Diffuser™ covers an effective frequency range of 700Hz to 4000Hz. This is a low-mid to high-frequency range that is great for diffusing sound in most situations. What these diffusers do best is to diminish the flutter-echo-effect found in a lot of recording situations, especially in minimally furnished rooms. (Like a hollow, bathroom sound)


Weight and Dimensions:

24 x 24 x 5 @ 32 lbs.


Shipping: All products ship the next business day via UPS Ground. Please allow for 3-5 days for products to be manufactured. 

Each order includes 1 - T25 Torx Star-bit