Mini Mosaic Diffuser™ By Yukon Custom Shop - FREE SHIPPING

Mini Mosaic Diffuser™ By Yukon Custom Shop - FREE SHIPPING


This product was created with the intention for smaller spaces, as well as interior decor. The Mini Mosaic Diffuser™ utilizes everything that makes its big brother so effective, but in a package that is a quarter of the size! 

See below for larger description. 

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Here is the description of our Yukon Custom Shop Mosaic Diffuser™:

Our Custom Shop has been hard at work producing the industry standard in acoustic diffusion...

Without further ado... The Yukon Custom Shop Mosaic Diffuser™. 

This is not your everyday diffuser though, let's start with the wood.

The blocks are only made from New Zealand Select-Pine Lumber. This is then sanded down to produce wood that is smoother to touch than a baby's ... well, you get the idea.

After the wood has been approved, it is off to the miter to be cut by our Italian-machined blade, producing a cut that is both accurate and beautiful.

Then the blocks travel to our Custom Shop craftsmen. From this point, your diffuser is completely finished by only one of our craftsmen. This allows for your diffuser to be scrutinized to the last detail, with quality being the highest priority.

Here the blocks are given their first inspection, and any imperfections get worked out. After inspection, the blocks are placed in their respective places and the plywood backing is drilled by hand.

Once drilled, each screw -256 to be exact- is placed for each block and subsequently screwed through the plywood and into the corresponding block. This allows for a fit that will stand the test of time, and you will never have to worry about blocks falling off.

The diffuser is now entering its final stages.

First, all blocks are inspected once again, if any of them are deemed unfit then they are replaced. After this inspection, craftsmen are required to have another craftsman look over their work, it is very helpful to have two sets of eyes. Once all necessary changes have been made then it is off to final inspection. Head-craftsman of the Yukon Custom Shop oversees everything in the shop, and just because a product has been deemed acceptable by two, does not mean it will necessarily get past his discerning eyes.

But once he does approve, your diffuser is signed off by the craftsman who built it, and then is stored in a climate controlled stock room to keep it in prime condition between the time it is made, and the time it reaches you.

Custom sizes are available upon request, send an email to to reach us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Diffusing!

Weight and Dimensions:

12 x 12 x 5 inches @ 8 lbs.

These diffusers are made to order, please allow for 3-5 business days for your product to be manufactured and then shipped.